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Current market trends with @Meat_Watcher - Matt Dalgleish

February 20, 2023 Mark Ferguson Season 2023 Episode 120
Head Shepherd
Current market trends with @Meat_Watcher - Matt Dalgleish
Show Notes

This week we are discussing markets and were lucky to secure some time with Matt Dalgleish to talk through the current markets and current trends.  Matt has a wealth of experience in livestock markets.

Matt works with Andrew Whitelaw and together they have founded Episode 3 to provide market analytics.  You can find out more about their work at Episode 3 

They began working together in commodity market analysis in 2016 at an agriculture analysis firm owned and operated by Ruralco, a listed Australian company. In 2019, Ruralco was acquired by Agrium Australia (formerly known as Landmark), a wholly owned subsidiary of Canadian agribusiness, Nutrien.  

In 2020 Andrew and Matt decided to leave Nutrien to form a new food and agriculture analysis business known as Thomas Elder Markets (TEM), with the support of Elders Rural Services, a listed Australian company. 

In 2022, Andrew and Matt took over the ownership of TEM, rebranding the business and relaunching as Episode 3 (EP3).

Matt and his business partner produce the Ag Watchers Podcast - here is the link to follow their work:  https://agwatchers.podbean.com/

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