Head Shepherd

Implementing a genomics program in a stud context with James Lines

December 26, 2022 Season 9 Episode 7
Head Shepherd
Implementing a genomics program in a stud context with James Lines
Show Notes

This week on the Head Shepherd podcast we have our freshest recruit, James Lines.

After only 9 days on the job, Mark got James onto the head shepherd podcast to talk about his upbringing and what lead to him applying for a job at a genetics consultancy firm.

James grew up on a mixed farming enterprise, which also had the Gum Hills Merinos stud and south Devon cattle. After a 'gap year' working on the home farm and jackarooing, James studied Ag Science at Adelaide University. He's spent his last year really focusing on genomics during his honours project where he specialised in livestock production. 

James runs Mark through his project. "It was implementing a genomics program in a stud context, which was at home at Gum Hill." James explains. "It was interesting working with family and working with academics and researchers." 

James started off by sorting through a decade of data based mainly on wool quality. "Most of the sheep in the population had had yearling measurements for around the 10 months of age." With spreadsheets from 2012 available to him, James set about pulling together a huge database of historical records which he describes as "in a different format every time". Then he moved on to genomics. 

"I spent a couple of weeks with a lot of helpers and a lot of technology collecting DNA samples on all of the ewes that have scanned in lamb. Which will give us parentage for the first time."... "Combined that all, got through the statistics of it... meshed it all together and it spat out our enhanced genomic breeding values." 

"It certainly sets you up for your new role!" says Mark. "You couldn't ask for a better background" 

Mark and James also cover the T90 project. James is one of the T90 trainers helping people navigate materials and the changes they are implementing. 

James is currently based near Mount Gambier but will be covering Western Victoria, South Australia and also into WA once he's more centrally placed.

As Mark describes, James is tailor made for the job. If you would like to get in touch with James or anyone at the team you can contact us at:

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